Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oysters will end your Hiatus

That's right, we're back. Well, at least I am. I don't care if no one else joins in this time. I'll just do it for my own pleasure. Still, becoming rich and famous from it would be cool. Bring it on.

So, a recent little anniversary trip to Nantucket brought with it an opportunity to indulge in a foodstuff for which I have been searching a while: oysters.

The first, and still best, oyster shooter I have had to date was purely by chance. My family was touring around Scotland and just happened upon a tiny village's Seafood and Music festival. Great food, great pints, and good music. If you are ever in the area, check it out.

Enough reminiscing. Since then, I have been on the lookout for a good raw oyster. I knew that my first experience was nice and fresh--and served with a chili-lime vinegar that was out of this world--so I have been hesitant to jump in to any old oyster that walks by.

The Brotherhood of Thieves in Nantucket seemed like a good place to finally splurge on a $15 dollar plate of iced oysters. What's that, though? They're from Wellfleet? Perhaps I should go there instead...aw, heck with it, I'll go for it anyway.

The result? Disappointing. Perhaps I've just built that first oyster up in my mind too much, and placed it upon an unattainable pedestal. They were not bad though, and if one were passed in front of my, I would not let it pass by. Served in a bowl of ice with a lemon and two sauces (a mix-it-yourself cocktail sauce, and a cider vinegar with little onion bits), it was a staggering contrast to Sam's raspberry and toasted almond baked brie. All in all, this dish was definitely a welcome end to a day of trekking around the historic sites. It also paired well with the bitter-and-hoppy Nantucket-local Cisco IPA. Sam had an Allagash White.



Kurt the Aggressor said...

I feel that oysters are like plane landings. Any one that you can walk away from without serious injury is a good one.

La Bonne Vivante said...

I love oysters...cooked! I keep trying to love the raw variety, but I have issues with cold fishy things--must be my landlocked upbringing, although J doesn't seem to have this problem. Great post, Lars! keep it up! Yay CDC!

La Bonne Vivante said...

oh, and Agressor, what in the world are you doing up at 5 am?